1 Hour Zoom Session King Of Fitness (King Fitness)

$185.00 $150.00

Detoxification Services In The Comfort Of Your Home

  • Organic Raw Vegan Meals – Optional Add- On
  • Lymphatic Drainage With The Chi Machine
  • Red Light Pain Relief Circulation Therapy
  • Ear Insufflation Ozone Therapy Detoxing
  • Kitchen /Pantry Set- Up for Clean Eating

Personal Detox Coach In The Comfort Of Your Home 

Fitness For Life’s Detoxification Programs Eliminate Toxins That Have Built Up In The Liver, Colon And Kidneys From Environmental Pollution, Non – Organic Foods And Prescription Drugs. Our All – Natural, Holistic Approach Integrates Traditional Detox Therapies With Nutritional Counseling, Dietary Supplements And Exercise.

  • Dry Brushing Circulation Massage
  • Cellerciser Rebounder Therapy
  • Near Infrared Sauna Therapy
  • Hydrocolon Therapy


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