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Well known all over the USA as a fashion model who is always over booked for work in the fashion and fitness industry, Jerry is an advocate for health and fitness. He believes in taking a holistic approach in life. Fans notice immediately how fit and cut his entire body is with beautiful skin and a chiseled face.
Jerry Edmond
Fashion and Fitness Super Model USA
Hickey Freeman, Cledwyn Maverick & Co. Paid partnership with neimansman Marina del Rey, CA, paid partnership with Ted_baker_m… Los Angeles, CA
Jerry Edmond
Fashion and Fitness Super Model USA
Let raw organic natural food be your Medicine. Let Exercise be your strength and power. Let Stretching be the youthful remedy for your body movements and spiritual for love, happiness and peace. One Love!
lnstagram “ molina the explorer “ 562.841.5121
Coach Molina
Health/Fitness Specialist
Certified health and fitness Iife coach specialist for people of all ages. Coach Molina has many different certifications in the field of health and wellness. He implemented a holistic approach in his lifestyle many years ago for food, medicine, and healing the body naturally.

He’s well known as the top 3 natural fitness models in the fitness world, who has never used any supplements or products that were not 100% natural and organic.

Located in Los Angeles, CA coach Molina is simply the best health, fitness, nutritionist, weight loss, weight gain, strength and conditioning, wellness coach with a great attitude to assist you in achieving your goals.

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Walter Molina
Private Detoxification coach and Anti-Aging Specialist.
More than 25 years of experience working one-on-one with professional athletes and celebrity clients all over the world. Current practice centered around health and longevity for all clients, but especially those age 50+
King Fitness
Expert in maintaining and improving overall health and fitness of the human body.
King Fitness ​
Anti-Aging Longevity Specialist
Fitness for Life Workout Team